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Are you experiencing:
Are you experiencing:

Dampness or wet areas
Stains and rust
Efflorescence or white powdery deposits
Blistering or peeling paint
Cracks in concrete walls/floors/ceilings 
Degradation of structures
Water ponding/pooling

All of these above mentioned issues are more than likely signs that you are experiencing water ingress and need to rectify the problem before it gets any worse and causes even more extensive damage to your property. 


Waterproofing Solutions
Waterproofing Solutions

Scarlett's have been rectifying difficult water ingress jobs across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast by using their expert knowledge in waterproofing to provide effective and efficent ways to stop water seepage, providing long-lasting solutions.

Waterproofing services we offer include but are not limited to:
Retaining wall waterproofing
Rooftop waterproofing
Basement waterproofing
Balcony waterproofing
Crack injection
Joint sealing
Leak sealing
Protective coatings
Trafficable coatings
Negative side waterproofing

Why Choose Us?

Scarlett's offers waterproofing services for residential and commercial premises that can prevent long-term structural damage and help to eliminate any safety concerns. Waterproofing services play an important part in protecting people from illness or injury and protect the home or building from damage caused by excess surface water, external moisture, accumulation of internal moisture, and other damages caused by the redirection of surface water.

Our team will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure your property is water tight and leak free. Using industry leading products and materials combined with our knowledge of waterstop solutions we will provide you with the most effective and long-lasting solutions possible. 

Check Us Out!

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