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Optimized Process
What Is Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane Injection (PU Injection) is a waterproofing method that utilises an expanding polyurethane which gets injected into cracks and voids to stop the flow of water. Polyurethane is a hydroactive compound, meaning it reacts expansively when in contact with water, helping to form a seal and rapidly reducing and eliminating futher water penetration. Variations in polyurethane formulation, allows injected PU to react rapidly and deal with situations where water flow is high, or remain flexible where ongoing movement is anticipated. Polyurethane has also been formulated to enable any water penetration through the finest cracks in concrete structures to be effectively sealed.

Polyurethane Injection is an effective solution for problems such as -

Leaking basements
Leaking block walls and brickwork
Lift pits
Car parks
Concrete slabs
Overhead concrete ceilings
Cracked concrete with water ingress
Concrete pools/spas
Concrete water tanks
Leaking pipes (also known as pipe penetration)

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process
Say goodbye to leaks...

Protect your property from water damage with Scarlett's Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Solutions. We have been effectively and efficiently helping homeowners, commercial, council and industrial sectors all across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast for over 20 years with our extensive knowledge in waterproofing. Give Scarlett's a call today to arrange a quote with our experienced team. We will help you to come up with the most cost effective way to solve any of your waterproofing needs. 

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