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Concrete Repairs

Investigation and testing of concrete and rendered structures to determine the cause and extent of defects and validate repair specifications prior to the implementation of remedial works. Typically, this highlights problems such as concrete and render damaged by abrasion, impact, poor compaction and reinforcement corrosion.  We utilise a wide variety of cementitious products and epoxy resins to repair and rectify damaged concrete.

Underlying problems within concrete structures are not always obvious however, cracking and spalling are usually easy to see and are an indication that there is something going on beneath the surface.

Issues within the concrete can include but are not limited to - 
Corrosion of reinforcing steel
Poor or inadequate steel installation
Inadequate waterproofing and protection of the concrete surface
Cracking of the concrete structure
Thermal movement 

Brisbane Based Concrete Repairs

With our extensive technical knowledge of all things concrete repair, Scarlett's pride themselves on their ability to put together detailed site-sepcific plans on how best to remedy any and all of your concrete repair needs. 

Scarlett's will provide you with a comprehensive report that considers all of the following aspects:
Determine the cause of the damage
Determine the severity of the damage
Devise an effective plan to remedy the damage
Provide options to further ensure the damages do not reoccur in the near future.

For more information on our concrete repair services, please call 0420 802 118 or email us on 

Scarlett's specialise in:

Concrete spalling repairs
Concrete cancer repairs
Cracking concrete (structural & non-structural)
Treating, fixing or replacing corroded reinforcing
Anchorpoint removal
Concretre sealing & waterproofing
Waterproofing leaking carparks & underground basements etc

    Scarlett's Concrete Repair & Waterproofing Solutions
    Phone: 0420 802 118

    ABN: 94 343 372 380
    QBCC: 1260340


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